Our Mentor Program

The DSBC Mentoring program is a unique opportunity. We don’t limit one mentee to one mentor; mentees can choose as many mentors as they want and vice versa. With the DSBC Mentoring program, each mentor offers assistance in a variety of fields. Whether you’re looking for help in branding, marketing, sales, or even starting a business, our mentors have experience in many areas.


Our mentors freely give their time to help mentees in their requested areas by guiding them through any questions or problems they may have. Mentors can show their mentees the steps they need to take that will best suit their business’ needs and suggest which resources will aid them along the way. Our mentors are there to be a guide through their mentee’s business endeavors.

While there is no limit on the time a mentor can work with a mentee, keep in mind that mentorships commonly end when the mentee makes a business transaction with their mentor.


Mentees choose a mentor that best suits their needs. Are you planning on rebranding your business and need advice? Simply ask one of our experienced mentors and they can point you in the right direction. Whether mentees are looking for help in starting their own business, or need advice with something as simple as dealing with a difficult customer, our mentors are happy to help.

What We Offer

User Profiles

Each member has their own profile page that lists what they need mentored in or what they can help with.


Unlike networking events, the great thing about forums is that they provide networking opportunities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Private Messaging

Privately message all members online through our private mailbox system. You will receive an email when you have a new message.

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